When your rolloff truck is ready to retire

Have you been wondering how many miles is too many miles? Is your rolloff truck not performing like she used to? Then you may want to think about retiring her!


A Rolloff truck is tough and for good reason. They go through more heavy loading and unloading than most garbage trucks. They help take away debris from construction sites and even zones that have been devastated by hurricanes or tornadoes. This amount of wear and tear can add up over time. When is she ready to be let go? Not Old Faithful? Well the average rolloff truck will last a few years, if she is maintained right. You keep her oiled up, checked out consistently, and she can give you anywhere from four hundred to six hundred thousand miles of hard work!


The environment she works in plays a large role in how long she will last. Up north for instance, the snow and salt on the roads usually eats up a rolloff truck quicker. While down south the rolloff truck does not see many problems from the weather conditions. If you keep your rolloff truck in the right conditions she will last longer. If she is open to sleet and snow or severe cold, she will need more parts and service. A good basis for how long you should keep your truck goes as follows…


Essentially if your repair costs exceed the payment on another newer rolloff truck… It is time to retire! How much is that downtime worth when repairs are being done?? We all know a lot! If you have any questions about how your rolloff truck is doing or if you would like to retire your rolloff and receive a quote from one of our professionals, please call the RDK family today! We will gladly assist you in all of your rolloff truck needs!