Why are trash trucks so expensive?


In the last decade, trash trucks have gone over a complete transformation regarding emissions. With the introduction of CNG (compressed natural gas) and laws pushing the emission standards higher from the EPA, trash trucks are becoming more complex and expensive!

The major contributor to the price increase is change. Going green is great and we are all for it, however, the price to change these trash trucks into more environmentally friendly machines is costly. The amount of research and development that trash trucks are undergoing in order to meet new emission standards are extremely high. Many companies are distributing a substantial amount of capital for new technology in order to meet these standards.


The new trash trucks are also being monitored by computer and sensor add-ons. More sensors means more costs. Things like Auto-Cycles, Quick Packs, and Auto shutoffs are becoming the norm. This has given a new trash truck, (CNG) or otherwise, a price that is equivalent to buying a new house!

Expensive trucks means big payouts, right? We would like to think that but this is not always the case. Well who is making the big bucks? The profits are being consumed by OEM manufacturers. With the emission standards set so high, manufacturers have build a product that meets each criteria exactly which they charge a premium price for. Basically, as EPA requirements expands the price of trash trucks rises.


A lot of businesses in the garbage truck industry are trying to save by buying used instead of new. The price is much much lower and if sent through a professional service shop like the one here at RDK, your used will look brand new! We check all the bells and whistles to make sure you are happy and receive a Premium Used Trash Truck! Call us today!