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2021 Landoll Traveling Axle Trailer

55 Ton Traveling Axle Trailer Loaded with Extras
  • Landoll Traveling Axle Trailer for Sale
  • Landoll Traveling Axle Trailer for Sale

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The Next Generation Landoll Trailer has Arrived!

The Landoll Trailer Line is taking a huge leap forward with the introduction of the all-new hydraulic operating systems, nicknamed H.O.S.S. and High Visibility Lighting package.

H.O.S.S. cuts the overall operational time in half. The axle traveling forward has increased by 36% and moving back by 58%. Tilt deck positioning has increased to nearly 63%, while winch in and out speeds are closer to 66%. This improvement will allow for more loads to take place.

Stability with Top Performance and Maneuverability

The Model 455B Traveling Axle trailer will handle heavy loads with triple axles and 55-ton capacity. Lengths available are 48’, 50’, 53’, 57′ and California legal 50’. To maximize the load capacity, the 455B is standard with a 60” axle spread.

Increased frame capacity is one of the outstanding features of the 455B along with wider main beams, wider undercarriage, wider tilt cylinder mounts and wider outer beam pivot points. Buying a Landoll means you get the total package of super low load angle, ease and safety of operation, superior quality and the highest retained resale value in the market today.

Low Clearance Upper Deck Transition

All 400 series trailers feature the super low clearance slope transition allowing man lifts, forklifts, and other difficult low clearance equipment to load easily on the upper deck.

Ultimate Stability

The four beam frame design is the backbone of a super versatile, solid piece of equipment. Wider main beams with a wider undercarriage, outboard tilt cylinder mounts, and outer beam pivot points add superior stability while loading heavy loads.

Powder Coat Paint

Landoll is the only trailer manufacturer to offer powder coat paint on an entire trailer frame. The very durable finish provides excellent chemical and salt resistance while giving Landoll trailers a high quality, attractive appearance. A zinc-rich powder primer is applied prior to painting the entire frame with one of eight standard powder coat colors.

Extra Features

AirWeigh Digital Trailer Scale System
Side Steps
30k Winch
Remote/hydraulic Controls
Left and Right Side Built in Toolboxes

  • There are no features available
Stock Number: 107723
Condition: New
Type: Trailer
Year: 2021
Make: Landoll
Model: 455B
Rear Capacity: 55 Tons
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