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You remember when MACK was the Premiere name in the garbage truck industry? No one I mean no one could compete with MACK. They were the cream of the crop! What happened?? Nowadays they aren’t as reliable.. Is it their fault? Have they lost their touch?

NO! Here’s Why

MACK Garbage Trucks are changing as technology and emission standards change. CNG has caused several manufacturers to change the way they build their trucks. This has affected everyone in the industry and not one company is being singled out. We at RDK bring news to everyone who wishes to read about the good, the bad, and the ugly. The MACK garbage trucks have experienced a set back from their original reliability but they are in no way losing their MOJO. They have quality built trucks but because of the new sensors, temperature issues, and storing of CNG, many of the mack garbage trucks have gone a [...]

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