Are Mack Roll off trucks best buy?


This company has been around for years and has proven its worth by building great roll off trucks! The Mack Roll off trucks are always a great buy because the quality of design is sheer excellence. They have given the industry a staple to model after with the reliable engine, good transmission, and overall condition built to be a workhouse.


Here at RDK we have Mack Roll off trucks that can handle three times as much work as other ordinary trucks. They are simply built better and stronger. Old Betsy has given us years and years of work and she is still going strong. The premise behind the Mack roll off trucks is their design. They are built strong and reliable. Our customers rave about owning Mack roll off trucks because they have less downtime and more money! It gives them a chance to feel a sense of safety and satisfaction over a long period of time as there Mack roll off trucks go to work. We have customers say that they will wait for a Mack over any other truck out there. The brands that compete with the Mack roll off trucks are close behind but  customers want Mack roll off trucks more. Maybe its the name and their signature Mack dog that keeps people hooked, but we at RDK is how often your truck is out on the road and not in shop! These roll off trucks have the capability to work from sun up to sun down and then some. If your drivers can work, then the Mack roll off trucks will too!


MACK dealers will sell you new Mack roll off trucks which may cost you a fortune. It may be beneficial to buy used Mack roll off trucks for your business because you get more bang for your back! A lot of the newer trucks are running into technical issues that are causing businesses to have more downtime then the older trucks. Buying a used one also saves you money. Here at RDK we offer PREMIUM used Mack roll off trucks for sale. These trucks have low miles, low hours, for the year they were built. They have been completely gone through and are in great condition! Call today to speak to one of our professionals about owning Mack roll off trucks or inquire on our website. Thanks for reading.