Why is the Mack Garbage Truck so good?!


For the longest time we have wondered what makes the MACK garbage truck so damn good?! The amount of work we can put into these trucks is by far much more than the others. The MACK garbage truck is a staple in our industry for a reason. It is the benchmark to what all other garbage trucks look up to. IT CANNOT BE BEATEN.


They have simply built them better! It goes to show that having a good team of engineers and a solid foundation for building garbage trucks on can create a beast of a truck that will keep you and your customers happy! First, It starts with the reliable engine. The trucks can go forever. They can run up to three times as long as other trucks in the same category doing the same work. Next is the transmission. The transmission has a reputation of outperforming other manufacturers in every category. Where an international may only get you so far, the MACK garbage truck will take you above and beyond. Second is the camelback suspension which is bar none the best in the business. Buy a MACK Garbage truck and you will have smooth riding from here on out. A few other reasons the MACK garbage truck is one of the best are the Rear Axle, Steering axles, the diagnostic system, and so on. We could continue but we may get too in depth on a truck that speaks for itself!


If you’re in the market for a garbage truck you definitely want to take a look at the MACK brand. They have been around a long time and know how to talk trash! With more and more businesses jumping into the industry, stay ahead of the competition and talk to one of our professionals about the MACK garbage truck today! Call Now and we will guide you into getting into a truck that will keep you and your customers happy! A VERY LONG TIME