The refuse truck, getting a new fuel source?!


CNG has been all the craze in the last decade! With many manufacturers building more complex refuse trucks to incorporate CNG gas, why would one of the biggest truck manufacturers be switching to something else completely?! If CNG is working so well..


In the turn of the 21st century, the Refuse truck has seen a substantial amount of change. The emission stardards are on the rise and prices are increasing for businesses to go Green! Now why is the refuse truck being converted into new energy sources? To put it simply, the refuse truck has higher emission standards now and is not performing as well as it should be! It is as if the added technology that was build to make it better has actually made the refuse truck more complicated and in turn have more issues.

Now there are even more problems that can occur because the refuse truck has more parts. What do we do? We find a better, more efficient fuel source!

With the introduction of this new energy source, we are seeing a new and improved garbage truck that can work harder and longer with less problems. They are forecasting that the new and improved refuse truck reach our borders within the next few years. That means you will now have another option to choose from for your fleet! And this option has be tested and proven to take your company to higher profit margins with less down time!


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