Refuse trucks are a cash cow!


MONEY! Refuse Trucks cost as much as house and man do they make money! The reason we get into business is to turn a profit and anyone in our industry knows that refuse trucks have big potential. The United States alone produces around 50% of the world’s trash! In our industry we know business is all about picking up. The more trash, the better!


There are many ways to make money through the purchase of refuse trucks. One simply is by picking up trash from local houses or businesses. These contracts can yield a substantial payout for the business owners down the road. As residential areas expand, new contracts are formed and more refuse trucks are added to your fleet for new customers. Companies like Wal-Mart produce a significant portion of trash per year and landing a contract with these guys will produce enough money for you to vacation with for the next few years.

Another way to use garbage trucks to make money is through picking up debris after terrible weather events. In our industry we know that helping out after a hurricane, tornado, flood, or fire is our duty. We supply the trucks for the rehabilitation period and went on the garbage is taken away, they can start to rebuild. This opens the door for many local businesses in the area where devastation has occurred. The businesses are now making money but more importantly helping a community rebuild!

Refuse Trucks also take care of government, entertainment, corporate, and pretty much every industry you can think of. Everyone produces waste and we are the ones responsible for picking it up. This provides us with a satisfaction of giving back to the community and a nice paycheck to say the least.


RDK helps you find the right refuse trucks for your businesses needs. With over 80 years of experience we answer any questions you may have before purchasing your refuse trucks. Our role in the industry is to make sure you have a premium truck that is working hard to make you more money! Contact us today about inventory so you can tap into your CASH COW today!