What is the best Garbage Truck for you?!

When someone is looking for a garbage truck, what do they think? Most people see these magnificent trash hauling machines once or twice a week and think very little of it. Well we know better!

Garbage Truck Types

Garbage trucks have many different specifications and require the know how to purchase the right one for you. Do I need a rear loader, front loader, side-loader, recycle truck or a roll-off Truck? These are just a few questions that come to mind when looking for a garbage truck. What is the best garbage truck for you? Well it all depends on what portion of the trash market you want to target. Heavy cans, say at Walmart, will require a garbage truck that is called a front loader, these are equipped with strong arms that can be lowered and raised to pick up large amounts of trash in one pick up. For stop and go pickups, say in a neighborhood, you will either want a rear loader or a side-loader! The rear loader is simple yet proficient; you pick up each can and place the trash in the back of the garbage truck. The side loader is equipped with an extension arm that the driver can use to pick up each can from the comfort of his seat. Say a new client has come by and wants to haul construction trash away, well for that you will want a roll off truck, this type of garbage truck is equipped with cans that you can drop off and the customer can pile trash, concrete, debris, and anything else heavy that they need picked up and hauled away.

Garbage Truck Manufacturers

Once you know what kind of garbage truck you need you will want to find out who makes the best quality for the right price. Just like any industry there are multiple companies that build garbage trucks. First you will need to choose your chassis. Chassis manufacturers include Mack, Peterbilt, Ford, Autocar, Freightliner, Sterling, Kenworth, IHC (International Harvester) and several others in which you can mount a garbage truck body. Once you have picked out your chassis you will need to choose a garbage truck body. There are many Garbage truck body manufacturers as well, some of the more popular being McNeilus, E-Z Pack, Heil, McClain, Galbreath and Leach to name a few. Which one is better for you is different for each person and will vary depending on the job at hand. Each person also has their individual preferences for what type of garbage truck they like. If you have questions regarding buying the best garbage truck for you and your business be advised to call a professional that has your interests in mind.

Learn More From Experts

The best thing to do is to pick up the phone and call someone in the industry. We here at RDK have over 80 years combined knowledge about the garbage truck industry. If you are looking for the best garbage truck for your wants and needs, call us today or comment below! We will gladly assist you with anything garbage truck related! The RDK family loves to talk trash!