When do garbage trucks need serviced??


Did you check the oil, the hydraulic system, the brakes, the tires, or the front ends? If not you better go check again. There are several questions an owner of garbage trucks has to ask himself on a daily basis to keep his trucks working hard! If you take care of her she will take care of you!

Rear loaders, Front loaders, Side loaders, and Roll-offs all have different service intervals. The intervals are based off a few similar characteristics that all garbage trucks share. The environment they work in also plays a big role in how often your trucks need serviced.Elements such as lead and acid tend to expedite the erosion of main components if not taken care of during a normal PM (Preventive Maintenance) appointment. The industry average for a typical PM service checkup for non synthetic is around 300 hours and for synthetic it is 600 hours . This checkup is essential because it can show you problems arising in your garbage trucks before they become critical and cost you money! Here is a quick reference for you to use that we found, written by Galbreath, referencing a Tandem Cable Roll-off Hoist.

Daily Inspections

  • Hydraulic Components
  • Hydraulic and air leaks
  • Oil level
  • Structural components and welds
  • Front and rear stops
  • Sheave blocks
  • Rear hinge
  • Pivot Points
  • Rollers
  • Cable and cable ends
  • Control rod or cable linkage
  • Nuts and bolts
  • Shafts and Cotter keys
  • Lamps
  • Reflectors
  • Electrical wiring
  • Back up and hoist up warning systems

Weekly Inspections

  • Grease all grease fittings

Every Three Months

  • Inspect the condition of hydraulic oil for proper color, odor, and feel

Every Six Months

  • Replace hydraulic oil filter
  • Replace air breather

Every Twelve Months

  • Replace hydraulic oil
  • Replace air and hydraulic oil filters
  • Clean suction strainer


A few good tips from the RDK family on taking care of your garbage trucks are to keep it greased once a week, inspect your tires often, make sure you have no leaks, and that everything on the truck is operating correctly. Professional mechanics can be much more precise with checking your garbage trucks condition. Inquire about service at RDK and your truck will be in the hands of mechanics with a combined knowledge of 80+ years in the garbage truck industry. Call today!