Why southern rolloff trucks for sale are #1


Simply Put, FLORIDA. We have the best weather and we have PREMIUM rolloff trucks for sale! The best weather conditions in the United States allow us to harness God’s gift of beautiful sunshine to keep our rolloff trucks for sale in outstanding condition. If this was a battle between the north and the south, the south will win everytime! The rolloff trucks here see no snow or sleet and because of this they do not have salt from the roads destroying their parts. It is without a doubt that we have PREMIUM rolloff trucks for sale here in Florida.


Now that you know where to find them.. who do you call. RDK of course! We have been in the rolloff industry for over 20 years and know that when it comes to buying the right one, you have to choose the right place. We are located in Tampa, Florida, off of Adamo Drive. Our facility houses professionals with over 80+ years of experience and we will help guide you to find PREMIUM rolloff trucks for sale.


We want your business to be successful because when you are successful we are too! The more rolloff trucks you need the better. This industry is growing rapidly with houses being built and the economy coming back. Rolloff trucks are becoming the leaders in the industry for picking up construction work and building roads for the future. We here at RDK are focused on building a better and brighter future for you and your company. Get in touch with one of our representatives today and lets get you into your PREMIUM rolloff trucks!