How to keep your Roll off truck working hard!


How do you keep your roll off truck running longer? Two words, Preventative Maintenance. Your Roll off truck is a well oiled working machine and needs to be taken care of regularly! The Roll off truck is responsible for loading and unloading heavy amounts of debris from construction zones as well as many other jobs.


These jobs take a heavy toll on the roll off truck. Especially if the one driving is “hot-loading.” This term refers of a way to load your cans quickly but not in the good nature of the truck. It wears her down and can also cause worse problems later on. The best thing to do is take all safety measures to keep her safe and working hard. If you run her hard and mean she will leave you before you know it. Preventative measures like inspecting her before and after work are key to the roll off truck staying on route longer. A few good tips are to keep her greased, check under the hood periodically, and make sure you due an inspection on brakes, tires, lights, hydraulic cylinders, cables, and tarp.


Our mechanics have been working with Roll-Off trucks for over 80+ years experience combined. They have several inspections they perform to make sure each roll off truck is ready to go out on route with pure confidence! Would you like to get your roll off truck checked out today? Please call the RDK family! We will be glad to assist you in keeping you roll off truck running and working hard!