What is your trash truck worth?!


Trash trucks are becoming more and more expensive every year. With the changing emissions and technological add-ons the price of trash trucks have gone up tremendously. Where does that leave you and how much is your trash truck REALLY worth?!

How many miles does it have? How about Hours? What is the make or model? Is it a Single Frame or a Double Frame? What features does your trash truck have? The Trash truck is a complex machine and comes in many different makes and models. Mack, Autocar, Heil, Ez-Pack, Galbreath, Volvo, are just a few big names you will find in the industry. Each one has a different affect on the price because of how they are built, their reputation, and the overall quality of their product.

Is it a Front Loader? Well you definitely will be paying more for that trash truck! The type of truck you own plays a big role in what she is worth. Roll offs and Rear Loaders are priced differently just like cars and SUV’s. These are just the basic portions of your price and sell value.

What really decides how much your trash truck is worth?!

Three Things

  1. Miles
  2. Hours
  3. Overall Condition

These three factors play a crucial part in the price of your trash truck. Like any vehicle, the lower the miles or hours the better! Finding the middle ground between how much the truck has been used and how much it is worth dives into a much more complicated question. What is the overall condition? This usually requires a professional that has been in the industry for a substantial period of time to analyze your trash truck.


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